Sunday, March 6, 2011

Herriman City Preparedness Drill March 12th

Herriman city has learned a lot from the semi annual drills, as will as the Machine gun fire.  These experiences have lead to improved training and organization.  A new method to prioritizes and communicate information has been developed called the CERT 6-line message system.  We will use for this drill on March 12th.  Essential descriptions about what when and how to respond to a disaster were detailed at the meeting.  For example, If a disaster is severe, local, and unexpected the proper response is to self activate.   To self activate make sure your family, then block are taken care of, and then report to your assigned evacuation cite.  At this point the assigned evacuation points for our area are the three LDS buildings.  (Please note this may not be the closest LDS building geographically)  At this time we do not have agreements with the school districts to use their facilities.  Herriman city is implementing a new grid system due to the confusion street names caused during the Machine gun fire.  This grid system will be tested in our area for this drill on the communications network.  

For the March 12th drill we will be responding by Directed activation.  In this disaster drill the Area (Stake) emergence person gets a call from the city and they activate the Teams with specific instructions.  Please anticipate a phone call at or about 9 am and be prepared to activate your block captains with specific instructions.  6-16 mock scenarios will be strategically placed on homes in your neighborhood designed prepare us for likely events.  Most details of the mock drill Saturday March 12th will not  be released to maintain the element of surprise.  Please plan on a 45 minute team leader / area debrief after the event.  This meeting is for team leaders and those interested in learning more.  

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